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Our Mission Statement

It is our intent and goal to reduce teen suicide and to support the families thereof with a three part mission.

1.  To provide education that encourages behavioral change and policy change in regards to how bullying is addressed.

One child’s gratification can come at great expense to another’s well being during a bullying incident.  Often the perpetrator is ignorant about the level of damage being caused by their actions.  Having never experienced harmful bullying, many adults in positions of power also fail to understand the difference between harmless fun and detrimental bullying when it occurs, and thus support policy accordingly.  The line of appropriate behavior will be sharpened through education.   Bullied children will know how to ask for help, with a cultural change making it okay and safe to ask for help, a result of education.  Policy change on how bullying is addressed will come as understanding replaces ignorance.  

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2.  To expose those who aggressively defend harmful behaviors and policies in regards to bullying, while also highlighting those who have encouraged healthy change.

There are many reasons some aggressively defend bullying, ranging from liability concerns, ego concerns attached to their own leadership, laziness to do the work of addressing it, to feelings of guilt about incidents in their own lives or parenting. Those who let their personal issues prevent a child from being protected will be exposed, the truth about their character known

There are also those who have challenged bullies and these aggressive defenders of bullying, their courage will be highlighted.

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3.  To support families of teen suicide both emotionally and financially as funding permits.

Studies have shown that suicide is one of the hardest deaths to grieve and recover from, leaving families devastated following their tragedy.  The emotional complexities following a teen suicide are immense and lasting, and in many ways unlike any other.  The emotional support we provide will be tailored to the needs of families of teen suicide.

The devastation a family suffers following a teen suicide can also effect their financial status, with many unable to work for a time as they start the difficult process of coping with their child’s death.  As funding permits, we hope to give these parents a moment to emotionally recover without the fear of losing their home, the stress of paying their bills, giving them a time to focus solely on addressing their tragedy.

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Correct a Bully, Save a Life!!