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Children are suffering everyday because adults refuse to recognize serious bullying.  They see bullying as a rite of passage, a Liability

Concern, or as just one more task to do.  Countless parents have lost a child to suicide as a result, left devastated both emotionally and financially.  Millions of others have turned to drugs or other harmful behaviors to escape their pain caused by bullying.  Your donation will truly make a difference, will help to save the next child’s life.

We recognize that saving the next child’s will need more than money alone, but a donation of time.  We welcome the donation of your skills, ranging from giving presentations, legal advice, video production, web and graphics design, psychology, meeting with leaders, to the willingness to write letters.  Please let us know how you can help and become a part of The Stop It Foundation.

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Running a foundation and our goal to help support families who have recently lost a child to suicide will only be achieved through monetary donations.  No donation is too small, as many small donations are big, and will go a long ways towards making a cultural change in regards to how bullying is addressed come about.

Please mail and make all checks payable to:

The Stop It Foundation

6955 N. Durango Dr.

Ste 1115-#118

Las Vegas, Nevada   89149

The Stop It Foundation is a 501-c nonprofit organization.   Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or Services were provided in exchange for donation. Thank you in advance for your generosity!! To make a donation by Credit Card, please  visit our Facebook page by clicking on the  Facebook logo to the left, and then click on  the “Donate” tab on our Facebook page