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Our efforts to expose will come in two parts.  

1) Applauding the UPSTANDERS

*Those who make a thoughtful effort to protect children from bullying - Preventing a possible suicide.

2) Exposing the MALSTANDERS

*Those who choose the route of making excuses for and aggressively defending or covering up any abuse for the benefit of the organization they lead, or for their personal benefit.

*Those who follow the advice of attorneys to avoid liability and administrative concerns, which results in ignoring the safety and well being of children.

Please contact us to nominate a UPSTANDER or a MALSTANDER for our website.

The Featured Upstander Click here to view more Upstanders Click here to view more Malstanders The Featured Malstander

With status and title comes a moral responsibility

LDS Church Leadership

After two years of correspondence and meetings with LDS Church leaders at all levels, it appears the suggestion that “Liability Concerns” is the reason they avoid addressing Bullying incidents is true.

Visit our petition to LDS leaders be clicking HERE.

Governor Brian Sandoval has consistently chosen the moral decision on the Bullying Awareness issue, placing the safety of Nevada children ahead of liability and administrative concerns.  While other leaders were avoiding policy that would protect children, Governor Sandoval supported and then signed new legislation that makes Nevada an example to other organizations on the Bullying Awareness Issue.

Governor Sandoval went on to make a thoughtful “Proclamation” while announcing October “Bullying Prevention Month” in Nevada, earning him the Honor of The Stop It Foundation’s newest “Upstander”.

Governor Sandoval

Of Nevada

Visionary leader on the Bullying Awareness Issue