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With title and status comes a moral responsibility

Our Malstanders are those it appears find serious bullying incidents simply an inconvenience and/or a liability to address.  They and/or the organizations they lead show aggression towards families who have already suffered great harm from bullying.  They and/or the organizations they lead have policies in regards to addressing bullying that greatly harm children.

Paul Otten

Fairfield City Schools Superintendent


As reported by the WCPO ‘I Team’, the local ABC channel, Mr. Otten stated the police investigation “did not find any credible evidence that bullying was a factor” in regards to the suicide of Emilie Olsen, a teen attending a school in his district. What he failed to mention during that statement is that the teen’s school file was not shown police during the investigation, a file with strong evidence of serious bullying.  Mr. Otten’s organization’s failure to follow the school districts bylaws on bullying, the appearance of a cover up, and Mr. Otten’s own comments addressing Emilie’s suicide place Mr. Otten on our Malstander page.

Pat Skorkowsky

Clark County School District Superintendent

As reported in the Review Journal, his organization hid evidence relating to a bullying suicide death that occurred in the school district he leads. Following the death, he refused to meet with the parents of a bullying suicide victim who requested his organization follow Nevada laws that address bullying. While defending litigation related to his organizations cover up after the teen’s suicide, his legal staff appeared to make their efforts personal against a grieving family with the day they chose to present their motions to the court.

***Update*** We did meet Mr Skorkowsky during a bullying awareness event almost two years following the above incidents.  He did appear to show a genuine interest in the bullying awareness issue, and is close to being upgraded from malstander status.   


Senator Scott Hammond

Scott Hammond

Nevada State Senator

As a parent Scott Hammond walked away from his responsibility to address very serious bullying that resulted in a teen suicide.  As a politician Senator Scott Hammond walks out of Legislative meetings on bullying that gather input from the public.  What finally earned Senator Scott Hammond a place on our Malstander list is his introduction of Senate Bill 385.  Along with diminishing existing protections for Bullied children, SB385 removes the risk of “Strict Liability” for those not following the law.  Senator Scott Hammond knows first hand the dangers of bullying, yet still chooses policy that places Liability Concerns over the safety of children, the very definition of a Malstander.